A sparring partner when the stakes are high

About Value Insights

Value Insights brings together a unique team of valuation professionals with decades of experience. We exclusively focus on providing advice when the stakes are high and our clients need seniority to support their decision making at the boardroom level. We also provide training to enhance the capabilities of our clients.

Our Approach

  • We get straight to the core of our clients’ issues
  • We serve our clients as a sparring partner rather than through large reports
  • As partners we are hands-on involved
  • We are candid with our clients
  • We enjoy enhancing the capabilities of our clients

Advice and Training

We offer financial and valuation advice in deals, to support strategic decisions, and in litigation and disputes. We also provide training to our clients – both stand-alone and, where appropriate, as part of our advisory offering.

“The essence of valuation does not lie in detailed reports, but in crucial insight.”