We provide deal-related valuation advice to shareholders and other investors, and to management and supervisory boards, when the stakes are high.

We provide valuation services in relation to:

  • Acquisitions, disposals, mergers and joint ventures
  • Business and financial restructuring
  • Tax and legal valuation matters

Our advice is independent, objective and fact-based, giving clients the insights they need for decision making and negotiations. In deal processes, we are best when positioned to act as a secondary deal advisor, providing objectivity and fact-based analysis to counter bias and deal fever.

Our role can vary from being a sparring partner – pointing out key issues and caveats –particularly in board room discussions, to providing valuation reports, fairness opinions, and second opinions.


  • We focus on key deal and valuation issues, based on decades of experience
  • We offer clients insights on how to capture the most value from a deal
  • We provide our open and honest opinions
  • We provide objective and fact-based analysis

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